Lauren Redhead

My name is Lauren Redhead and I am a composer from the UK.
I am interested in new music and new aesthetics.


I perform experimental music for organ, organ and electronics, and voice. I am particularly interested in innovative and extended notational approaches, the use of the organ in the space, and work of composers of the British Experimental music scene.
I am also increasingly interested in Sound Poetry and perform music for organ, electronics and voice, electronics and voice, or solo voice.
As an improviser, I’m interested in working with other musicians alongside organ and electronics, and particularly low instruments.

I co-founded the organ and electronics collective Automatronic in 2013. Since 2017 we have become increasingly geographically dispersed, and now work on a project basis. Please contact me for more information about this.

Performance Videos

Performance at International Conference on Live Interfaces

entoptic landscape

Organ Tour performance at the University of Sussex

Organ Tour performance at Canterbury Christ Church University

Grapefruits like to be squeezed in the dark by Tina Krekels

Image, Music, Text by Adam Fergler and Untitled by Caroline Lucas

Links to Music

*(dis)located space(s) by Rob Canning

CLSTRFCK by Mic Spencer

A Sciara by Marcello Messina

Sarsen by Huw Morgan

Online Releases

solo speaking sound poetry album

Organ and Electronics 2014 Tour, Highlights

Sound/Image/Resonance solo organ album

CD Releases

Diapason: Music for Organ and Electronics, sfz Music

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