Lauren Redhead

My name is Lauren Redhead and I am a composer from the UK.
I am interested in new music and new aesthetics.


I find it difficult to keep a full list of all performances of my music; check my blog/front page for details of recent or up-coming performances of my works.

If you’d like to perform my music, some scores are available from my publisher or please contact me directly.

Links to Music:

[the wind on the downs for voices, performed by Rebecca Hardwick and George Chambers and birthday party guests; written fro George and Celia Springate at 100}(

12 fragments for transverse flute performed by Carla Rees at IKLEKTIC, London

a common method: quartz performed by Sotto Voce vocal collective

leóþcwide performed by Huw Morgan at Pembroke College, Cambridge

parergons at 840 Concert Series

boxmusic performed by Xenia Pestova at White Cloth Gallery, Leeds

concerto performed by Vocal Constructivists

the enigma machine 1: hendecaptych of hans memling performed by Trio Atem

imagined community performed by Humberstone Choral Society, dir. Motje Wolf

a common method performed by the Clothworkers Consort of Leeds

Music Releases

hearmleoþ—gieddunga (pan y rosas discos, 2018)

ijereja (pan y rosas discos, 2016)

entoptic landscape (pan y rosas discos, 2014)

concerto on Walking Still, Vocal Constructivists, (Innova, 2014)

tactile figures (engraved glass, 2012)

exchange.practice (documentation of YardWork installation with R. Armstrong, 2014)

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